Does botox change your face?

While botox is best known for smoothing wrinkles and creases, it can also make minor adjustments to the jawline. BOTOX can narrow the face and make it appear thinner. It works by temporarily freezing the masseter muscle, so it eventually reduces its size. Wexler says that some patients complain of visible weakening of the skin after many years of using Botox.

Even if you stop doing it after several years, your forehead muscles won't have worked as rigorously as someone who hasn't used Botox. This is not common, but Wexler says that patients who start Botox too early, such as age 20, may be at risk for this side effect. It is also key to avoid touching the face where you had the injections so that the Botox can settle properly and avoid excessive sun exposure, as it can cause bruising. The most common risks of receiving Botox are bruising or swelling, but Lesley Rabach, MD, a certified facial plastic surgeon and co-founder of LM Medical, points out that these don't happen as often.

To stop muscle overuse, Botox acts below the surface of the skin, temporarily weakening the muscles' ability to contract. Although there are more and more uses of Botox in medical settings (jaw pain, migraines, to stop sweating in the armpits), when used in cosmetic environments, Botox is used to smooth lines. In this study, a twin received Botox on her forehead and glabellar lines (between the eyebrows) routinely for 13 years. When you stop using Botox, your muscles will eventually start working as they did before using the treatment.

Over time, the body metabolizes Botox, and a treatment really only lasts three to five months on average; however, there are a number of factors that can cause this to vary. To find out if your nose problems can be successfully altered with the use of Botox, schedule a Botox consultation appointment with Dr. I have a semi-permanent line around my tattooed lips and eyebrows, so it looks like I'm wearing makeup anyway, but when my Botox disappears, I just don't feel so fresh. However, to help alleviate any fears, experts are explaining what to expect when you give Botox, so that your first appointment can literally go smoothly.

Botox, or botulinum toxin type A, is an injectable treatment that temporarily improves the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and expression lines. When women in their 20s first consider receiving Botox, prevention is usually the main factor, since the first signs of aging, such as crow's feet, forehead wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear.

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